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My teaching areas include strategic management; organizational behavior and theory; human resources and careers; entrepreneurship and private equity; and business and people analytics. I am excited to teach on topics such as acquisitions and human capital; organization design and restructuring; and human capital strategy, especially in start-up ecosystems.

Three experiences during my PhD influenced my teaching interests:

  1. Leading sections for two 'flipped and gamified' undergraduate classes helped me to understand how pedagogical innovation can engage students by linking material to their individual interests.

  2. Mentoring 7 undergraduates conducting individual research projects through the Sociology Undergraduate Research Opportunity program, demonstrated my love of working closely with students to help them develop and execute their ideas.

  3. Leading sections, twice, for the second-level Michigan Sociology PhD statistics course showed me how much I enjoy sharing the power of analytical tools I studied for my MA in statistics.

I am committed to creating an inclusive classroom experience where students feel respected and challenged regardless of race, gender, disability, and other social factors that are the basis of durable inequalities in our society.

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