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Event Information


Dylan & Aliya's Uzatu Toi Marriage Celebration

Hosted by Aliya's Parents Nurlan and Bibigul

Please reach out with any questions!

  • Fun (optional!) group events from August 22nd-27th:

    • 22nd evening: welcome dinner at Kok Tobe/Abay (gondola 6 min. walk from Kazakhstan Hotel)

    • 23rd/ 24th/ 25th morning: breakfast at the Kazakhstan Hotel

    • 23rd afternoon: bus from Kazakhstan Hotel to falcon show (alternative option for vegans) and Mountain BBQ (30 min. outside of Almaty)

    • 24th afternoon: bus to lunch at Aliya's parents and bus to banya group spa (25 min. walk home from Kazakhstan Hotel)

    • 25th afternoon: bus from Kazakhstan Hotel to Aul for marriage celebration! (45 minutes from Almaty). Everyone stays in yurts at Aul Venue (small overflow at nearby hotel).

    • 26th: breakfast at Aul.  By popular demand, everyone stays in Aul yurts a second night.

    • 27th: breakfast at Aul. Go on your merry way!

  • Other: Gifts, Medical, Transportation, and Attire

    • We feel like coming is gift enough. We would appreciate small contributions to the wedding cost for Aliya's parents in keeping with Kazakh customs.

    • We have a medical doctor who speaks English available for consultation.

    • You can find lots of travel and health tips on Google.

    • It is important to be careful with bacteria as in any travel to a far-flung country.

    • Uber is easy and cheap to use in Almaty.

    • People should feel free to wear whatever they want for the wedding, but Kazakhs will dress semi-formal. We can get Kazakh clothes for the wedding on the 24th after the spa, if you want.

We're so excited you can join us!

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