In Private Equity Buyouts and Worker Earnings Inequality: Contrasting Impacts of Operational and Financial Value Creation Strategies in Corporate Buyouts, I argue that leveraged buyouts focused on operational value creation increase earnings for college-educated workers, but that a greater focus on financial value creation leads to decreased earnings mobility for workers across the educational distribution. This pattern holds whether drawing control workers from similar employers that remained public or similar strategic acquisitions. I use restricted-access U.S. Census and IRS data tracking millions of workers over time, exploit changes in the composition of buyouts due to the fluctuating cost of high-yield debt, and decompose the effects on employment versus wages. The level of skill-biased technological change depends on corporate ownership institutions. I presented this paper at the 2021 American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, the 2021 Wharton People and Organizations Conference, and the 2022 Academy of Management Annual Conference (expected). A draft is available by email on request.


Job Upgrading and Earnings Growth for Non-college Workers, with Nathan Wilmers and Letian Zhang.

Amputators or Defibrillators? Demand-Side Explanations for Rising Workplace Health Insurance Costs in the Case of Private Equity Buyouts.

Conform and Oppose through Numbers: Alternative Organizing and Formative Quantification at the International Cooperative Alliance, with  Benjamin Huybrechts, Teresa Nelson, Frederic Dufays, and Noreen O’Shea.

Emerging from the Valley of Death: Ownership Form and the Realization of Science-to-Commerce Transfer.