- My job market paper explains how private equity buyouts of public firms reallocate earnings risk among workers.  I argue that the longer time horizon of private equity owners relative to public firm institutional owners unlocks the mobility effects of ownership concentration. I will present this paper at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting in August 2021.


- Task Allocation and Earnings Mobility, with Nathan Wilmers and Letian Zhang.

- Imputing Occupation in the Census Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Data, with James Fogel and Bernardo Modenesi.

- Quantification on a Global Scale: Advocacy, Collective Action, and the Authority of Numbers, with  Benjamin Huybrechts, Teresa Nelson, Frederic Dufays, and Noreen O’Shea.

- Emerging from the Valley of Death: Ownership Form and the Realization of Science-to-Commerce Transfer.